Backroads Across America: Charming Charleston, South Carolina


Since leaving home we’ve logged over 4,000 miles in the Tacoma.  It was time to cash in on the last of the free oil changes Toyota offered when we bought the truck.  Reg set his alarm for 6:00 this morning, so we were up and on the road early to make the 7:15 appointment on the far side of Charleston.  The truck was serviced and ready to go quickly (practically before the sun was up!), so we had lots of time to explore the city that we’d heard so much about!

A tremendous number of 18th and 19th century buildings, churches and homes remain in the heart of Charleston.  The old downtown area was declared a National Historic Landmark District in 1960.  The best way to appreciate the architecture and beauty of Charleston is to walk, so that’s just what we did…for hours!  Todays photos hardly do it justice.

This was my favorite scene of the day.  I love the fact that Charleston allows kids, both young and old, to splash in the fountain on a warm spring day.  I’ve got to say…we were tempted!

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2 thoughts on “Backroads Across America: Charming Charleston, South Carolina

  1. Historic buildings, gnarly trees, and cemeteries, a few of my favorite things. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. You’re welcome…you would enjoy Charleston, then!


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