Backroads Across America: These Stores Fit the Bill

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe wish we had 99 cents for every one of these stores we have seen since Texas. Virtually every town has had at least one, usually both. In some places, they are two of very few businesses still open. In larger places, retail activity has moved from downtown to places like…(drumroll?) Walmart.



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6 thoughts on “Backroads Across America: These Stores Fit the Bill

  1. Kathy Chappell

    Yes, many times we have talked about all of the Dollar Stores/Dollar Generals we see when traveling-even in fairly small towns-we don’t get it! What is going on?


    • There are many theories, but the numbers are amazing: Dollar General is opening 1,000 stores this year. It already has 15,000!


  2. Glad to know it’s not our imagination. We noticed the same thing traveling through Arizona and Texas.


  3. Adele and Frank

    Yes! We’ve been noticing those Dollar General stores in small towns wherever we travel, too! Wonder who owns them!? LOVE hearing about all your adventures, Reg and Sue!
    Happy travels!
    Adele and Frank


    • Thank you, Adele and Frank! The dollar stores are huge business, that’s for sure. One recent merger was worth $8.5 billion! There are 27,500 Dollar Tree and Dollar General stores. They seem to focus on areas that do not have big retail stores.


  4. Is it a sign of the economy in small towns? People shop at the small dollar stores rather than spending on gas to drive to a Walmart miles away!?


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