Blazing some new trails on wheels

image2I have finally made the leap into road cycling and few will be able to miss seeing the lime-green streak around the Jackson County foothills and bikeways. I have ridden Sue’s dad’s hybrid bike for three years and it was a great two-wheeler, but not so good on hills, especially with an old man in the saddle. Lots of Siskiyou Velo Club riders have encouraged me to make the change. So, why now? A book and an author. Free Country, by George Mahood, an Englishman who rode the length of Britain in a most unusual way. Find it on Amazon. Also, I have to thank one of Ashland’s finest gentlemen, Phil Gagnon, for getting me to try the bike club and road cycling.

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13 thoughts on “Blazing some new trails on wheels

  1. Be safe on them there 2 wheels. Keep us posted.


  2. Debbie Gudger

    Congratulations! Great looking bike!
    Have fun!


  3. Jamey Myers

    Greatttt!!!!!’ You got your bike👍🏻‼️


  4. Ellen

    yeah for you Reg. I’m looking forward to riding on flat ground in the future. These hill kill me!


  5. Jackie Bachman

    Awesome! Happy trails!

    Sent from my iPad



  6. Nancy Hardwick

    Way to go Reg! I loved road biking in the Chicago area & did it as often as possible, given my work schedule. I hope to find a bike club in my new home of Houston after we settle in & the heat goes down! It’s a great way to spend time outdoors so enjoy!


  7. Thanks, Nancy. All the best to you and the family in Houston!


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