Goodnight From Harris Beach State Park in Oregon

We are enjoying a four-day escape from home where work has begun on a new roof for our town home. Longtime friends, Kathy and Doug, drove their trailer up from California, joining us to camp and explore Oregon's beautiful Coast. We finished dinner just in time to rush down to the beach and catch the setting sun.

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10 thoughts on “Goodnight From Harris Beach State Park in Oregon

  1. Beautiful sunset.

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  2. Carole & Beaton

    Have a great time – and ‘hi’ to Kathy & Doug!


  3. Jackie Bachman

    Ahhhhh…so beautiful! We will return!

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  4. Nancy Hardwick

    Beautiful & fun with Kathy & Doug! Hope you are celebrating Doug’s birthday!


  5. What a beautiful picture, so peaceful. 🙂

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  6. Phil Gagnon

    Adventures there are. I just returned last night from 4 days of pumping from Lake Oswego to Troutdale to Battle Ground WA. Back to Troutdale over different route and then back to Oswego. Fellow Ashlander joined me. T’was a tour I could do again.


  7. Glad to hear the ride went well, Phil!


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