The Way of Saint Francis: Training Begins

I stopped for a quick photo this morning as Reg and I neared the top of the 500 foot climb behind our home.

With our upcoming Italian pilgrimage (The Way of Saint Francis) just around the corner, today seemed like a good day to reacquaint ourselves with our backpacks. If the weather cooperates, we should have a couple months to work out any kinks!

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9 thoughts on “The Way of Saint Francis: Training Begins

  1. Lori Oliver-Tierney

    So excited for the two of you. I’ll have to look this trip up and live vicariously through you. There is so much to do in this life I will never fit it all in. Life is a great BIG adventure. Happy trails, Lori


  2. Phil Gagnon

    In a class I’m going to teach at OLLI, I intend to mention you two as seekers of adventure. The class is titled: “The Adventure of Bicycling Touring with an Electric Assist.”

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  3. Ellrn

    So when does this happen? I can’t wait to retire to restart our adventures. Working sure gets in the way of fun!

    We will be heading up to OR again in late spring/early summer. Hope we can commiserate again. Cheers!


  4. Malcolm & Barbara

    Your adventures start again. Great. The Way of St Francis. I have now checked this out, 550km long !! Look forward to following your trip.


  5. Carole & Beaton

    Our best wishes for your training and for the walk later in the year……..but I am concerned the Pope will not bake you a cake!!
    We will be following you!! C&B x


    • Ha, I’d like to think the Pope would greet us with a heavenly plate of Angel Food cake, but I suspect we will have to be satisfied with a celebratory glass of Chianti instead!


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