Crater Lake Detour

Our weather this past week has been positively springlike and today promised us more of the same…a perfect day for a Sunday drive. We climbed in the truck and Reg aimed uphill. Our sights (and appetites) were set on lunch at one of our favorite mountain area restaurants.

But then I said, “Let’s go to Crater Lake.” And so we did!

This was our first winter visit to Crater Lake National Park. Fortunately we didn’t need a cozy fireplace to warmup today since the lodge is closed for the season. Without snowshoes we had to settle for wandering along the plowed village road, peeking at the lake when we could.

Since we detoured from our original plan, lunch was a casual affair at the Village Cafe. While we ate we eavesdropped as a park ranger spouted statistics to a family of first time visitors:

Crater Lake is the deepest lake (1,949 feet) in the United States. Deeper than Empire State Building stacked on top of Seattle’s Space Needle.

Because of clouds, fog and bad weather, winter visitors have only a 50% chance of seeing the lake. (We felt lucky!)

No streams flow in or out of the lake. Water level remains constant due to precipitation, evaporation and seepage.

Today’s drive opened our eyes to just how close we live to this beautiful National Park. Winter, summer, spring or fall…this is a detour we’ll be sure to take again!

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9 thoughts on “Crater Lake Detour

  1. Nice post! I like the snowman ⛄

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  2. Wow great photos. Crater Lake looks beautiful. What a great trip, hopefully you wrapped up warm though.

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  3. Nancy Hardwick

    Absolutely beautiful! Even better than in the summer.


  4. Lori Oliver-Tierney

    Love your pictures. Love your tails, Happy trails, Lori

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  5. Lori Oliver-Tierney

    I of course meant tales, but the other tails just popped off my fingers. I’m sure you both have nice tails too.


  6. Veronica Mendez de Cuevas

    Beautiful place! It gives me a sense of tranquility. Crater Lake just added to my places to visit list:)


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