Mount Shasta-Between the Clouds

After an ill-fated attempt at snowshoeing last Thursday, when the weather was so foul that I turned around after just 20 feet and fought my way back to the truck, Reg and I found Mount Ashland far more hospitable today.

In addition to the spectacular view we had of Mount Shasta (top photo), our ongoing uphill efforts were rewarded with another distant view of Mount Mcloughlin (above).

Today was the perfect day for a snowshoe trek on Mount Ashland. Clouds above us and clouds below us left us with incredible views that went on forever. No reason to hurry back to the truck this time!

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7 thoughts on “Mount Shasta-Between the Clouds

  1. Ken Gudger


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  2. Jackie Bachman

    So glad you are sharing your adventures again! Beautiful…..Jim is up on Table Rock this morning with a friend.

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  3. Malcolm & Barbara

    We have had some snow, but not as much as you have. Looks great.


    • From the news I read, it sounded like you got clobbered from that last storm. You must be ready for spring. I sure am!
      Thankfully, all this snow is well above Ashland and we can leave it on the mountain when we come home.


  4. Nancy Hardwick

    Awesome! Beautiful day for snowshoeing!

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  5. Reg and Sue, Great photos it looks cold to me! I guess you are getting ready for your trip and training is going well. All the best Joe


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