The Way of St. Francis: Packed and Ready to Go

Ready or not, we’re off to Italy where we’ll begin The Way of St. Francis, a pilgrimage that traces the pathway traveled by St. Francis of Assisi in the early 13th century.

Our journey begins in the eastern portion of central Tuscany in Chiusi Della Verna, a small community located below Santaurio (Sanctuary) Della Verna. It was in this area that St. Francis is said to have received the stigmata. We’ve allowed two nights here to explore the history and beauty of the region…and to catch our breath after what promises to be two pretty hectic travel days.

Then we start walking, traveling mostly southward, with a goal of reaching Vatican City (not quite 300 miles away) by mid-May.

Many thanks to Sandy Brown for allowing me to use the above map, his incredibly detailed trekking guide, the links and foolproof instructions for downloading the GPX tracks onto my phone app and for hosting the Way of St Francis (Official Group) Facebook page. The information is invaluable!

As always, we will post on our blog when we’re able, so feel free to follow along on our journey as we walk The Way of St. Francis.

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26 thoughts on “The Way of St. Francis: Packed and Ready to Go

  1. Jackie Bachman

    So exciting! Can’t wait to go along through your blog❤️

    Sent from my iPad



  2. Phil Gagnon

    In my OLLI class these past two Fridays: “The Adventures of Bicycle Touring With An Electric Motor”, I mentioned how you two introduced adventure in your lives by citing your Camino walks. It served as a lead to my planned bicycle tours this summer. 27 people signed up for this class.

    I can imagine your excitement in going on this tour. I like those shoes and bags. Nice.


    • Congratulations on the signups, Phil. We appreciate your kind words and encouragement! This trek is going to be a challenge, but we are excited to give it our best.


  3. Kathy Chappell

    So excited to follow the trip via your blog and to hear about your adventures. Happy trails to you!


  4. Ellrn

    Safe travels and we wish you the best adventure ever! We look forward to getting together to hear all about it.


  5. Debbie Gudger

    Buon Camino!


  6. Ken Gudger

    Have fun you two. And we expect lots of carryoncouple posts. Ken


  7. Veronica Mendez de Cuevas

    Can’t wait to see your posts:) Buon Viaggio!


  8. Lori Oliver-Tierney

    St. Francis is my mother’s patron saint. I have a statue of him in my front yard with a feeder feeding the birds. I will think of you when I see him and keep you in my thoughts and prayers. What an adventure. Can’t wait to hear about it. happy trails, Lori


  9. Carole & Beaton

    We’ll be following you all the way!! Wishing you both a safe and inspiring journey! C & B xx


  10. Malcolm & Barbara

    We look forward to following you on your trek. Safe journey and safe trekking.


  11. Bonnie

    Another exciting adventure! You two are amazing. Safe travels and safe treking!


    • Thanks Bonnie. This trek is less traveled than our previous ones, so adventure (but not too much, I hope) is a good description.


  12. Emily Fevinger

    Again, I am so in awe of you both! What a spiritual and fabulous journey! You are an inspiration to all!!! ❤️❤️❤️Safe journeys!and keep those feet from blisters!!!!


  13. Jamey

    I am eager to see your posts as you trek through this next adventure! Wow, oh wow- this journey begins!!!


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