The Way of St. Francis: Feeling his spirit


When he walked this part of Italy nearly 800 years ago, St. Francis reached out to all life, especially the most needy people. Today, at the Santuario Della Verna, the spirit of St. Francis touched all of us who walked the stunning grounds where he left his mark. Believers or not, visitors felt his presence.

We listened to the Franciscan monks sing in the Basilica, then watched their solemn procession to the chapel for prayer. We viewed the robe he wore just two years before his death in 1226.

We begin walking the Way of St. Francis Saturday, but feel like we saw one of the highlights today.


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9 thoughts on “The Way of St. Francis: Feeling his spirit

  1. Phil Gagnon

    Much enjoy your commentaries and fotos. Brings to mind Ann and my visit to Italy 10 + years ago. Sweets for breakfasts was always a big surprise. Your fotos spark my interest in sketching which I’d do a lot of there. What a surprise not to be surrounded by fellow walkers on this popular trek.


  2. Pam Thomas

    Wow. You haven’t even started the trek and the trip is already worth the long flight. Best wishes as you start out tomorrow. I’m forwarding your blog to Bob and Wendy (and Jim) so we’re all watching you from afar.


  3. Like St. Francis himself, we appreciate your spreading the word, Pam! 🙂


  4. Lori Oliver-Tierney

    St. Francis is one of my favorite saints. I have a statue of him that was my mothers. It is in my front yard and has a bird feeder in his hand. He is surrounded by daffodils which I plant in abundance every year to honor the dead. I have thousands of daffodils now. My mother’s nickname was Byrd. I believe you are on a spiritual journey that will fill your soul as well as make your body strong. I am so excited to follow your blog. It is wonderful to experience things through others. I will never live long enough to do everything I want. This is one of the things I would have loved to do. Thanks so much for sharing. Happy trails, Lori

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  5. Alex Miller

    This sounds really awesome! How long is the trek


  6. Carolyn Shupe

    I love inspirational quotes and St. Francis had lots of them. If you find any along the way, please copy them and save them for me. In June i start again as president of Town & Country Women’s Club. i always have a quote at top of each agenda.


  7. Thank you Carolyn. Sue sent you a Muir quote. We will watch for Francis quotes for you.


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