The Way of St. Francis: Mountaintop surprise



Three carryoncouple posts in one day, you ask? Probably too many, but please forgive our enthusiasm. The Way of St. Francis just gave us another reason to celebrate.

After yet another climb, we reached our accommodation Saturday afternoon on an isolated mountaintop with sweeping views of Umbrian valleys. We were welcomed to the Casalotto Francescano like family. Our en suite room is part of a building below the two-story main house.

We tidied up and shared a bottle of very nice white wine from our kitchen while sitting outside, watching clouds march by and trees bend in the breeze. We took turns telling about our favorite parts of the trek and the biggest surprises.

Soon it was time for dinner. Our host, Luca, a firefighting helicopter pilot who has traveled the world, delivered his mama’s finest.  Zucchini and eggs never tasted so good. Salad, marinara penne pasta, parmesan, superb red wine, and fresh strawberries. All marched down from the main house, just for the two of us.

Luca was celebrating (we hope), too, because he said we are the first Americans to stay here. Tomorrow, we face a particularly difficult trekking day to Valfabbrica. But the gratitude we pack will lighten our load.

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14 thoughts on “The Way of St. Francis: Mountaintop surprise

  1. Phil Gagnon

    You’re giving me an overview of a Camino Walk that differs from what I imagined. Your wonderful fotos convey luxury–where’s the hardship I assumed went with the trek? Much enjoy your commentaries.


  2. Kathy Chappell

    More wonderfulness!


  3. Bonnie Little

    Beautiful pictures! I feel like I’m walking along on your adventure with you.


  4. Elaine & Jerry

    What a special reward after all your trekking! Our kind of spot! Did Luca train in Rogue Valley, Oregon and does he know Monica? I think we met a friend of Monica’s named Luca on our So. Italy tour. She was translator for men doing some type of training with helicopters in Central Point.


    • We are getting an early start, so will likely miss seeing Luca again. He said he had been to San Francisco, but not Oregon, though. Hi Elaine and Jerry!


  5. Jackie Bachman


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  6. Ellen

    How fabulous for you & Reg! I’m spite of your tough hiking days, it looks amazing!

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  7. Nancy Hardwick

    I am so enjoying your posts & pictures!


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