The Way of St. Francis: Which Way Do We Go?

We’re always a little unsure of finding our way when we begin a distance trail. With so many trails converging from La Verna (where we began) and leading to Assisi, markers can be a little confusing…

Armed with our guidebook, and for the first time, a satellite trail map to follow with Galileo Pro, we set off with a fair measure of confidence, on the lookout for the red and white stripes.

Exactly one week ago, we stepped through this rickety gate, passing the first trail marker which would lead us along The Way of St. Francis.

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4 thoughts on “The Way of St. Francis: Which Way Do We Go?

  1. Cathy Mahoney

    Sue and Reg
    I am thinking of walking from Florence to Rome next year Sept. Am following 3 different pilgrims currently and each one talks about the erratic waymarking. As such I feel some hesitation in doing this, a woman alone.


    • Hi Cathy, I can understand your hesitation in going such a distance…especially on your own. However, we have met single women walking and they seem to be getting along fine. The markings were confusing at first, I think because of the many different trails that come together, each with its own color and/or shape. What has helped us tremendously is the GPS trail map I downloaded onto our phones. It’s felt like a huge safety net. We can pinpoint our location as we follow the trail, pinpoint our lodging and other services along the trail. Along with the guidebook we’ve only gone astray once in the city of Gubbio…and an older Italian gentleman set us on the right course. You will get pretty good at spotting the markers fairly quickly.
      I follow a Facebook page hosted by Sandy Brown (who wrote the guidebook we use). It’s been a wealth of info, including GPS links and updated lodging and trail info. Plus all the followers who love to share opinions and tips. It’s been a spectacular trip so far and I think as more of us walk and share experiences, it will get even better!


  2. Sharman

    Brave passing through that gate, but I see it has the trail marking


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