The Way of St. Francis: Michelangelo is our host



Rome is a great place to be as we miss the daily adventures of the Way of St. Francis.

We returned to Vatican City Friday for a nighttime visit to the Vatican Museums, where we marveled at Michelangelo’s genius in the Sistine Chapel for an hour. Perhaps we had not cleaned up well enough after our trek, because fewer than 100 people joined us. We were tempted to slide down the handrail at the spiral ramp on the way out.


Saturday, we left the comfort of our hotel, which is in a quiet section of Campo Fiori, for a city walkabout that included a successful search for our favorite gelato. It was everything we remembered from six years ago.

We are back in our room, sipping wine, wondering where to find some good pizza or pasta for dinner. Hmmm…

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8 thoughts on “The Way of St. Francis: Michelangelo is our host


    We have enjoyed your blogs. Don’t forget to take the underground tour of St. Peters. Jim



    • Thank you, Jim. We had a quintessential Rome Saturday night dinner outside on a street barely wide enough for a Smart car. Wine and pasta as police motorcycles passed several times(two officers on each). Cars making three-point turns to get around the corner. Hordes of pedestrians miraculously not being run over. A Segway tour. Free wifi sign in front of a butcher shop nearby. And a prominent Sierra Nevada sign at a bar next door.
      See you soon!


  2. Debbie Gudger

    Giolitti Gelato! Yum! We’re winding down in Alsace and trying to figure out how we squeeze the things we’ve bought into our bags… See you very soon! Debbie

    Sent from my iPhone.



    • You could just (each) buy another bag…that’s what we’ve done! Massive duffles so we can check our backpacks, poles and boots. All I want on the plane is my small carryon!!


  3. Malcolm & Barbara

    We have really enjoyed following your adventure. ‘Was in Rome last year and in the Vatican Museum I also thought it would be good to slide down that spiral handrail. I am just back from Florence (yesterday) and was thinking that you guys were only just some 100’s Km’s ahead. Cheers


    • Thank you, Malcolm and Barbara. Sorry we missed you in Florence. If we had known, we could have turned around and walked back to meet you! 🙂


  4. The evening visit to the Vatican Museum sounds great especially if there were so few people. Brilliant photo of the Vatican too. It’s a unique incredible place isn’t it?


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