Maine or Bust 2022: Very Old Trees

Our national parks are, without a doubt, among our country’s greatest treasures. A stop at Arizona’s Petrified Forest National Park confirmed this as we toured the totally unexpected landscapes straddling Interstate 40. Beginning at the Painted Desert Visitors Center, we followed our map into the smaller northern part of the park where multicolored landscapes stretched for miles.

A series of pullouts and short walks allowed time to enjoy the spectacular scenery.

At one time Historic Route 66 passed through a portion of the park. Today a few reminders remain. The Painted Desert Inn, once a host to weary travelers, is now a museum with exhibits featuring memories of bygone days. What’s left of a rusty old 1932 Studebaker sits alongside old telephone poles that once lined the famous route.

We discovered our favorite walk in the larger southern part of the park. The Blue Mesa Badlands mile-long walk is not to be missed. A paved path leads down through the unusual blue and purple hills where chunks of petrified wood are strewn about.

Farther down the road there is ample opportunity to view a phenomenal amount petrified wood…all that remains of what was once an ancient tropical forest. Trees buried millions of years ago have reappeared as beautiful polished stone. What Mother Nature can do is simply unbelievable. Don’t miss this park!

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8 thoughts on “Maine or Bust 2022: Very Old Trees

  1. Jackie Bachman

    Ahhhh….this brings back memories! When I was a child, my folks took me to the petrified forest and I bought a beautiful pieces of petrified wood from the gift shop. I took it to “show and tell” at school and carried it around with me for months!

    Jackie Bachman Board Member, Community Relations OHRA (760) 889-5122


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    • I had no idea petrified wood could be so beautiful! I don’t blame you for proudly sharing for show and tell. I wonder what happened to your treasures?


  2. Kathy Chappell

    We thought the Petrified Forest was very interesting but it was so windy I could barely open the car door so we didn’t do much walking around. Beautiful though for sure.

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  3. The way the colors of the hills and rocks changed throughout the day we visited this park amazed me. Glad you got to see it.

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  4. Lori OliverTierney

    Thank you for sharing. We will have to go see this. I went as a child and remember it fondly. Happy trails

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