Maine or Bust 2022: Hello Texas

As we headed east, New Mexico disappeared in our rearview mirror.

It was never our intention to follow Route 66, but as we’ve traveled east we’ve woven our way on and off the historic route, enjoying little bits and pieces of Americana.

As we left New Mexico, The Land of Enchantment, we crossed into Texas…the land of tornadoes.

Reg poo-poos my fear of entering tornado country. However, I feel justified since we awoke to a “take cover now” warning five years ago while in the Texas Hill Country. The rain came pouring down while the nonstop thunder and lightening surrounded us…and we had nowhere to go. There was a bit of damage in the RV park we were camped in, but thankfully we escaped without any physical damage. For me, maybe just a little emotional scarring.

Needless to say, I’m happy to see that tonight we have a place to go should the weather turn foul. That little white sign on the end of the building above will act as our safe room. I’ve memorized the code and the shoes are by the door.

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9 thoughts on “Maine or Bust 2022: Hello Texas

  1. Elaine Shanafelt

    Tornados are nothing to take lightly. Jerry and I were in our camper van in Kentucky, when a tornado passed through the area a mile or so from us. Lots of wind and branches down near us, but lots more damage when we went into town. I also sat in a basement bathroom with 2 friends on the Outer Banks of NC waiting out tornados that ripped through eastern NC. Lots of devastation as I drove back to Raleigh. Take care! Elaine & Jerry

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  2. Tornados are not my favorites either! Too many experiences as a kid growing up in Dallas!

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  3. Is the “Christmas Tree” in Texas or New Mexico. It is lovely.

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