Maine or Bust 2022: I’m Tired and Ugly

After several marathon days along the road home I decided to hold a little pity party. “I’m tired and ugly,” I complained as we crossed yet another state line. ”My hair needs cutting, my bum is sore from all this sitting and I’m bored!”

The road home is a long one.

Not that I’m complaining about our trip. It’s been a great trip. We’ve seen so much of this big, beautiful country of ours and we’ve visited with family and friends, so I know how fortunate Reg and I are.

It won’t be long now…but if only we could just blink and be home.

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6 thoughts on “Maine or Bust 2022: I’m Tired and Ugly

  1. Jeannie

    Hang in there, Sue!

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  2. Lori OliverTierney

    There’s no place like home. Even traveling can be cumbersome. We are good for about 3 weeks. Happy trails and happy homecoming.

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    • Thanks Lori…when I went out to dinner with my shirt on inside-out, I knew it was time to head home!


      • Lori OliverTierney

        Unfortunately I left the house with my shirt inside out the other day. I have been on a roller coaster lately but things are settling down.

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      • I’m glad life is settling down. What a scare for you and family. Smiley is tough. Sounds like he’s doing well. I hope you are too. 💕


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