Maine or Bust 2022: Around The Country Roundup

The state of Nevada stretches out ahead of us on our marathon drive home.

It’s been nearly a week since we arrived home, enough time to feel as though we never left. Funny how that works. Although we’ve made two other trailer trips across the country, this was by far our most ambitious, spreading from as far south as Sedona, Arizona and north into the state of Maine.

For years Reg and I discussed the wisdom of a truck and trailer purchase. It’s nearly impossible to justify the cost, so when we finally decided to take the plunge, we promised each other we would use it…a lot.
In the 6 years we’ve been trailer owners, we’ve done a pretty good job of keeping that promise. Thinking back through all our trips we figure we’ve spent the equivalent of 14 months worth of nights snuggling in a bed that is really just a little too small to be truly comfortable.

So, how did we fare on our 2022 road trip? Not bad considering all the doom and gloom reports of high gas prices (they were) and limited campground availability (they weren’t).

March 9 – First day on the road.

● Number of days on the road – 107

● Number of nights spent in campgrounds – 84

● Average cost per night – $58.00

● Miles traveled – 13,000

● Number of gas fill-ups – 45

● Total gallons purchased – 925+/-

Our cheapest gas was in Amarillo, Texas where we filled up for $3.40 per gallon on April 5.
Our most expensive gas was at Stove Pipe Wells in Death Valley where we paid a whopping $6.09 per gallon. Needless to say, we added just 6 gallons, enough to get us back to civilization and a somewhat more palatable gallon price of $4.69.

Our most affordable campsite was in Ozark, Arkansas, an Army Corp of Engineers site that set us back $9.00 a night. We spent two nights.
The biggest campsite splurge was in Williamsburg, Virginia where we were promised a lovely, large, quiet campsite for $108.00 (!) per night. When it turned out to be an equally short distance from a busy highway and a train track that ran commuter trains at all hours, Reg complained and got us a bit of a refund. This is all part of the fun…

53 days of hikes or walks for a total of 222 miles.

5 days of bike riding for a total of 79 miles…We had hoped to do more.

In the 6 years we’ve been trailer camping, we’ve visited 44 of our 50 states. It’s not likely we will add Hawaii to our list. Will we ever add North Dakota, Florida, Delaware, Rhode Island and Alaska? It’s hard to say. For now, Minnie is taking a well-earned rest, parked in Ashland, Virginia where she awaits our return to take her on another tour of the eastern seaboard.

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10 thoughts on “Maine or Bust 2022: Around The Country Roundup

  1. jasonlikestotravel

    What a wonderful adventure, you got some great photos too. Hopefully you can tick off your remaining five mainland states!


  2. Ken

    Reg and Sue, Welcome Home! I haven’t always commented on your adventures, but I think I’ve read every single one of them. Can’t wait to hear about all your special stories.

  3. Jackie Bachman

    What a grand adventure! Thank you for taking me along through your outstanding blog. Loved every picture and comment!

    Jackie Bachman Board Member, Community Relations OHRA (760) 889-5122


    Liked by 1 person

  4. Lori OliverTierney

    Thank you for letting me armchair travel with you. I really enjoy your posts. We have a trailer too. But we bought it used and paid cash. It is also parked on our property. Because of gas prices it has somewhat become our ocean home and that’s what we use it for. We have taken it to the desert also. I always wanted to take it cross country but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards so I follow along with you. Enjoy your home. Happy trails, Lori

    Liked by 1 person

    • Your own personal beach house is the perfect use for your trailer. Cross country trips are wonderful, but the driving can be tiring/stressful. Reg does it all…I’m not eager to learn the ins and outs of towing, although I know I should…just in case.


  5. Nancy Hardwick

    It looked & sounded like a fabulous trip. I was jealous but sure enjoyed your pictures & colorful commentary all along the way! Since a trip of this nature is not on the horizon for me, reading your account & seeing your pictures helps!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Nancy. It was a good trip and fun to wander without all our destinations preset. I don’t think I could ever be a full-timer though. I like having a home base.
      Your Glacier trip looked beautiful. One day we will get up that way…


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