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#8 – Favorite Photo Countdown 2018

This is not, by any stretch of the imagination, the best technical photo from our 2018 album.  However, the discovery of the Selfie Corner in our Gubbio, Italy hotel presented a photo opportunity too silly to pass up.


The Pinky Bar wins the runner-up spot for no other reason than the irresistible nature of it’s name.  It was here that we celebrated Reg’s birthday on a quiet Sunday afternoon in Valfabbrica, Italy.
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The Way of St. Francis: Bargains in Italy

The euro may cost about $1.22, but lower prices make Italy a bargain for Americans. Our accommodations, all clean, comfy and with full bathrooms, have been from $70 to $100 a night, all but one including breakfast.

We bought breakfast once: four yummy, fresh baked items, four Americanos and two sandwiches for lunch. Yep, that was 11,40 euro, about $14, for everything!

Last night in Gubbio, a litre of good white wine with hot appetizers, was 6 euro, less than $8. Our wine at LAX cost $16…per glass!

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The Way of St. Francis: All smiles in Italy



Our hotel lobby has the perfect answer for visitors to Gubbio who want the selfie without leaving the building. This city of 33,000, with most buildings dating to the 14th and 15th centuries, is a wonderful maze of alleys and passageways that author/philosopher Hermann Hesse loved to explore. A medieval church is never more than a shout away.

On our way here, we enjoyed getting to know a family from Paris who is walking a section of the Way of St. Francis. They are Gildas and Geraldine with their 23-year-old son Gregoire. Their engaging conversation helped us conquer some steep climbs Thursday without noticing the pain. Gregoire is a political science major studying at a Paris university. He is every teacher’s dream student. He knows so much and wants to learn even more.


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The Way of St. Francis: Hanging Out In Gubbio

We were afraid we’d miss touring the Basilica of St. Ulbaldo, perched high above the city of Gubbio. On our rest day we had no intention of conquering another peak on foot. However, when an alternative presented itself, we were first in line to hop aboard!

Seemingly hanging from a thread, the baskets of the Funivia Colle Eletto (or cableway) whisked us to the top of the mountain with only a mild case of sweaty palms.

I managed to loosen my grip long enough to take this photo…notice the dog calmly enjoying the ride along with the rest of us.

The views at the top were spectacular!

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