The Way of St. Francis: Hanging Out In Gubbio

We were afraid we’d miss touring the Basilica of St. Ulbaldo, perched high above the city of Gubbio. On our rest day we had no intention of conquering another peak on foot. However, when an alternative presented itself, we were first in line to hop aboard!

Seemingly hanging from a thread, the baskets of the Funivia Colle Eletto (or cableway) whisked us to the top of the mountain with only a mild case of sweaty palms.

I managed to loosen my grip long enough to take this photo…notice the dog calmly enjoying the ride along with the rest of us.

The views at the top were spectacular!

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6 thoughts on “The Way of St. Francis: Hanging Out In Gubbio

  1. Jackie Bachman

    Fascinating! Looks a little scary…brave dog!

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  2. Ellen

    That is wild!


  3. Hi Sue! There was a “cable ride” exactly like this one in the Italian Alps when I was there last time. Do you remember me telling you about it?. Along with those wonderful bathrooms without a seat to sit on! BLAAAA LOL


    • Yes, in fact I told Reg about the Italian Alps ride! Can you imagine one in the U.S?
      Thighs getting stronger with the required “perching!”


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