The Way of St. Francis: On the 7th day, we rested





Our journey through the Umbrian mountains the past two days has provided stunning beauty, fascinating history and nearly constant trekking challenges.

The 4th century church Pieve di Saddi (shown from the outside and inside) stands miles from any village. Caretakers welcomed us to picnic on the grounds and to tour the inside. A family of three, fellow trekkers from Paris, joined us for delightful conversation during lunch. (More about them in our next post.)

We spent last night in Pietralunga, bottom photo. We dined in a fantastic pizzeria, along with pilgrims from Italy, France and Canada.

Now, for those of you who like tracking numbers: six days on the Way of St. Francis, 80 miles under foot, 25,022 feet of ups and downs.

All of which lands us in Gubbio, a city worthy of a day of rest. (Although we will spend it exploring on our tired feet, but we can’t resist.)


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4 thoughts on “The Way of St. Francis: On the 7th day, we rested

  1. Deborah Gudger

    Stunning photos-and incredible elevation gains/losses/gains! Is the entire Way in the mountains?


    • Thank you, Debbie!
      There are some easier days ahead, but it is quite a mountainous journey. The biggest surprise is Umbria’s beauty. The most stunning area I have seen in Italia! We just returned from dinner in Gubbio…oh, my, what a city. We can’t wait to explore it more tomorrow. I love, love Italia!!!


  2. Alex Miller

    Looks like you’re having a great time. I wish we could join you, but instead will live vicariously through your posts!



  3. Hi Alex,
    If you add some pizza and beer, it will seem like you are here!
    Hi to Susan!


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