Hundreds Join Our Tour of Rome







It may be fall, but there are still throngs of visitors in Rome, mostly from Europe. They have unplanned group meet ups at sites like the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. We love wandering along the meandering, narrow cobblestone streets that present surprises at every turn. This morning (Sunday) I almost had the streets to myself when I went to get a few groceries while Sue enjoyed her second Americano at home. Just a few minutes away, the Pope canonized seven, including the first Native American, before a massive gathering at St. Peter's Square. After a day at Pompeii yesterday, we are off on a Sunday stroll to discover a special park and, perhaps, enjoy another afternoon gelato!


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2 thoughts on “Hundreds Join Our Tour of Rome

  1. Carolyn

    Sounds like you are having a great time. How was Pompaii (spelling?) Was there an artist painting pictures of the trim aroung the walls? I bought two pictures with the Pompaiian red in them. I don’t know why everything would be the same as when Andy and I were there but then it is history and there’s a chance it could be. The Tevi fountain looks the same. We ate at a pizza restaurant at the foot of the Spanish steps. You and Sue look happy and obviously have planned this trip well. I can see how much you are enjoying your retirement.


    • Pompeii was impressive. The ruins are more extensive than we expected. I am glad we booked a week in Rome…we have have loved exploring the city. On to Verona tomorrow. Thanks for your note!


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