Backroads Across America: A Texas-size storm

My phone screamed at 7:00 this morning, signaling an emergency alert:  Tornado watch in your area-take shelter now!   

As the wind, buckets of rain, hail, thunder and lightening intensified, we circled each other in the trailer wondering what to do.  Our truck was hitched up (in the hopes of getting an early morning start), but the trailer jacks were still down. We couldn’t safely unhitch in the increasingly stormy weather, and the office wouldn’t open for another two hours.  

In an effort to calm me down, Reg poured coffee.  We finally opted to sit in the truck. My thinking (however flawed) was, “If a tornado blows through the RV park, I want to at least have the security of a seatbelt and airbags.”

At 7:45 am, right on schedule, the weather began to calm down…and so did I!  As the storm moved through, fellow RVers surveyed the damage.  Not too bad, although a falling branch damaged a trailer hitch across the way.  The storm is moving east and so are we, so we have opted for one more night here.  Tomorrow is another day!

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15 thoughts on “Backroads Across America: A Texas-size storm

  1. Deborah Gudger

    Oh, gosh! Yes, please give that storm a day’s head start on you. Hope the weather settles down now….


  2. Pam Thomas

    Wow. What an experience. You are seeing it all in Texas. Did the storm damage those longhorns you’ve purchased for the hood of the pickup?


  3. Ellen

    Safe travels … What an adventure!

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  4. Carolyn Shupe

    You lived through my nightmare. Glad you are ok. I loved the comment that “Reg poured the coffee to calm me down.”


    • Reg kept poo-pooing my tornado concerns prior to leaving home..I have yet to say “I told you so!” Just glad we got our morning coffee 🙂


  5. So glad the storm passed through without major damage. Can only imagine how horrible the wait was.


  6. Jackie Bachman

    So glad you are safe! Drink wine today! Celebrate!

    Sent from my iPad



  7. Jeff Roberts

    Pretty scary. Actually Sue’s thinking was right – a mobile home or trailer is no protection against a tornado, and a car is better. A building basement or storm cellar is better yet. See


  8. Thanks for the info, Jeff. By the time we found out, we had three choices: stay in the trailer, get in the pickup, or run in torrential rain, hail and lightening several hundred yards to a building. It all happened so fast and was over in 45 minutes. We got in the truck. If we hear of the threat of severe thunderstorms again, we will check into a motel. We now know the operative word is “severe.”


  9. Margarita Chagoya

    Hi Sue & Reg, this is a cool website. Your Dad and I read the whole thing. Beautiful pictures and what an adventure!!! Dad said “Buy me a drink at the drive thru & bring it home for me!” Lol
    Have fun & be safe!!
    Margarita & Dad


    • Hi Margarita, thanks so much for showing Dad our blog. He was really excited when I told him he’d see photos of where we’ve been. It’s been an amazing trip so far. Southern states have a very different feel from the west coast.
      Thanks for all you do! Sue and Reg


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