Backroads Across America: Two wheels and a tent

The editor of the community newspaper I worked for used to say, “Everyone has a story to tell.”  
Meet Australians Rachel and Skip, two fellow travelers who will have quite a story to tell when they return home.  Our paths crossed today at the Onalaska KOA campground along the shores of Lake Livingston in eastern Texas.  As we head east, they are heading west on the home stretch of a year-long motorcycle odyssey that has taken them on a crisscrossing journey, tent camping their way through the U.S., Canada and into Mexico.  

Positioned just below their motorcycle windshield is the above reminder that life is short.  Rachel and Skip claim to be “not escaping life, but just stopping life from escaping us!”  We couldn’t help but admire their spirit of adventure.  

So, as the sun sets in Onalaska, Texas we wish Rachel and Skip safe travels and many new adventures to come!  Tomorrow we will cross into Louisiana, headed toward new adventures of our own.

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9 thoughts on “Backroads Across America: Two wheels and a tent

  1. Frank Andersen

    Wow, what a great adventure you 2 r having🚴‍♀️ Just saw the national weather report n it looks like you r heading into the 👁 Of the storm, so be extra careful and battened down the hatches. You will have lots of weather adventures whether u want to or not!🌊🌪🌥🌦🌩☃️


  2. Lan Roberts

    Hi Sue and Reg:

    We have been enjoying reading your interesting captions and beautiful pictures. I also like your title, “Carry On Couple”. Will you do another presentation, this one will be traveling with your
    trailer cross country?

    Keep on traveling and have fun.
    Lan and Jeff


    • Hello Lan and Jeff,
      Thank you! I have wondered if there would be enough interest in an RV trip presentation. Perhaps I will give it a try. Meanwhile, adventures await!
      Reg and Sue


  3. Trevor Skipsey

    Thanks for the report!..Great meeting you both and glad you managed to escape some of the nasty weather…heres to many more good travel tales!!!!!Rachel and Skip …now in Big bend NP Tx


    • We’ll always have such a great memory of meeting you both during our Lake Livingston KOA stay. You two are amazing. Safe travels! Sue and Reg


  4. Have the time of your lives and stay safe 🙂


  5. Jill Moxon

    Carryincouple RACH & Skip are an inspiration to us & all who meet them
    They are like a breath of fresh air eith there test for life & adventure
    We are lucky to have met them last year & am sure will be friend’s for life 🥰🙏👌

    Liked by 1 person

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