Backroads Across America: Hello Ol’ Man River

Two traveling days have taken us from the Texas Hill Country to the banks of the Mississippi River, just across from Natchez, Mississippi.

We have ambled along backroads lined with lush green grass, forests (even some pines) and rainbows of wildflowers. The beauty of the Hill Country continued through most of eastern Texas. Today, in Louisiana, it was more of the same colors without the hills.

We missed the picnic areas and rest stops of Texas today and settled for lunch in the trailer parked at a gas station. We passed no picnic or rest areas across Louisiana.

This is our third straight RV park next to water. In the Hill Country, it was the Guadalupe River.  Sue found a fantastic spot last night on Lake Livingston in eastern Texas. We walked along a wonderful path next to the Mississippi tonight after dinner.

Quite a river, indeed. I think we’ll settle here for a spell.



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12 thoughts on “Backroads Across America: Hello Ol’ Man River

  1. Ellen

    What a gorgeous spot! Lucky you!

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  2. Lori Oliver-Tierney

    Thanks so much for sharing your trip. We are living vicariously through you. Happy trails, Happy motoring. Lori Oliver-Tierney


  3. Beautiful photos. This had to be a great road trip.

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  4. Jackie Bachman

    What a lovely spot! I’m enjoying traveling with you from my bed now with my foot up. Jim and I are getting good ideas from you two!

    Our first yurt trip is coming up in a week to Silver Falls. Looking forward to getting out in the world. ❤cheers! jackie

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  5. Bonnie

    Beautiful campsite! Loving your posts.


  6. Great photos. We, too, love to take the road less traveled.

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