Backroads Across America: Drive-Thru Cocktails

IMG_0393A two-day search for wine in markets and convenience stores in Louisiana and Mississippi had proven fruitless, other than Boone’s Farm and some with mold on the bottle. Then we found this store today. Not only did it offer a good selection of our favorite Chardonnay, it sold drive-thru drinks to go. We couldn’t believe our eyes, but it is true. As long as the lid is not punctured by an open straw, you can buy a variety of cocktails from your car in Louisiana. Just no “bottom’s up” until you get home!

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6 thoughts on “Backroads Across America: Drive-Thru Cocktails

  1. Nancy Hardwick

    I love your posts! So entertaining & informative! Keep them coming!


  2. Jackie Bachman

    Love it!

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    • We thought of you and Jim today…walked by one of Natchez’ oldest buildings. It is still a tavern, with a distillery next door. We would have loved to have a drink with you two there!


  3. Deborah Gudger

    Remember the NYT geographical language test a couple of years ago which could place your state and town of origin by what you called various things…the drive-through liquor store was one of the defining questions/answers! Glad you finally found wine! On our epic drive to WV, we arrived in Indiana late one Sunday night and stopped at a grocery store for picnic-in-the-room supplies and they wouldn’t let us buy the wine…it was SUNDAY!
    We’re loving your adventures!


    • It is a different world on this side of the country, although I think our culture shock is just beginning! Tomorrow we head up the Natchez Trace to Jackson, Mississippi, then turn east…with our excess wine!


  4. The NYT piece sounds interesting…I love tidbits like that. You and Ken would enjoy the many wineries in the Texas Hill Country, especially around Fredricksburg. We had lunch in a Natchez bistro yesterday and they had almost all California wines. We are off tomorrow along the Natchez Trace Parkway for awhile, then across Mississippi and Alabama. We are stocked up on wine!


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