Backroads Across America: Georgia offers State Park stay

 Yesterday we managed to reserve Saturday (tonight) and Sunday night in FD Roosevelt State Park in the beautiful state of Georgia.  I suspect we may have snagged the last spot available for the weekend.  After I checked us in (and realized we had lost yet another hour when crossing the border into Georgia), I was handed a yellow tag and sent in search of an empty campsite with a matching yellow, tag-free pole to stake our claim.  

What a surprise to have found this site so easily.  We quickly set up camp and sat down to enjoy the view.  Knowing we have two days here allows for some much needed R&R for Reg.  We’ve come over 3,500 miles and in another week will meet up with our son Chris and his girlfriend Gail.  After that, we’ll begin to think about the return trip.  Until then, we have much more to see!

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6 thoughts on “Backroads Across America: Georgia offers State Park stay

  1. ken gudger

    What a beautiful spot! (Also, looks like the spot next to you is still vacant.) How did FD Roosevelt State Park wind up in Georgia? What’s the Roosevelt/Georgia connection???


    • That’s the campground drive…there are folks around us, though, just farther away than the RV parks we have been used to. FDR had a home in Warm Springs…we are going there today. He died there, I think. It’s not too late for you and Deb to hitch up your trailer and meet us!


  2. Carole

    We salute you – you avid adventurers! we have been following your posts – you have arrived in Georgia just in time for the Masters! We love the caravan! it would be huge over here! Just think that each mile takes you a mile nearer Scotland. Love to Chris when you see him (and of course his girlfriend) C & B xx


    • HI Carole and Beaton! It’s always so good to hear from you. We feel like our trailer is huge…but we have been dwarfed by nearly all others on the road. It’s crazy to see such monsters lined up in the parks. But, that’s America isn’t it…big, big, big!
      We are excited to see Chris and Gail. It’s been over a year. Far too long. Reg and I are missing the distance hiking this year, so who knows what next year will bring. Love to you both, Sue


  3. Jackie Bachman

    Glad Reg is taking a break from driving. Looks so inviting! We hope you will be back for our June trip to Harris Beach!

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    • Harris Beach is on the calendar! I think we’ll (I’ll) be ready to return home after visiting with the kids. Looking forward to a full-sized shower!!


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