South West Coast Path: Ups and Downs

A quick pose before we hit the trail.

Day 1 dawned sunny and warm…an ideal start for our South West Coast Path trek. We had a bit of climbing ahead of us, 1,200 feet to be exact, along the shore, up a forested hillside and across green rolling cliff tops where sheep and cattle grazed.

And then we plunged back down to sea level, absolutely straight down. It was a knee-busting descent that left us both wobbly at the bottom. The path has numerous days with climbing far more challenging than today, so this was a bit of a wake up call, and a good reminder for us to pace ourselves. We have many more miles to go.

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17 thoughts on “South West Coast Path: Ups and Downs

  1. Pam Thomas

    Sounds like a good day overall. . .but your poor knees!

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  2. Carole

    We are glad the heather is in bloom for you! Happy trekking!

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  3. Good start! The sea looks so tranquil and the hills are very green, a hint of moisture in the air. You guys are going to do fine and it will take a few days to get used to the REGiment! Ha ha , love Joe

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  4. Lynne says be careful and have a great time , with love

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  5. Jamey

    Wow! Dramatic up and down! Beautiful surrounding -and the sea! Stunning! I know that you are both skilled in your trekking! -I am excited to read more posts as you conquer this trail!

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  6. Great weather so far for that first day, hope it continues. Take it easy with those knees.

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  7. Deborah Gudger

    Wishing you a rainless day and stronger knees…and if those two things don’t happen, a good pint at the end of the day!

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  8. Bonnie

    You are already being treated to some amazing views!

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  9. What a cool starting monument for this trail! It looks like you are off to a great start. We know that wobbly knee feeling well–we’d take a steep uphill over a steep downhill any day!

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  10. Great start to the path! The first walk I did gave us weather for 4 seasons back in January – we had it all! I’m following your blog, as I am sure you will overtake me soon. I do remember the wobbly knees after that first walk!

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