Patrick’s Point Escape

With our trailer following behind us, we were making good time as we headed down California’s North Coast.  And then, just a hop, skip and a jump from our destination, we came upon a traffic jam, causing Reg to hit the brakes.  Twenty minutes later we were on our way and saw no visible signs of a cause for delay.


Our destination was a private campground across the road from Patrick’s Point State Park, the only place we could find when hunting for a last minute reservation.  We checked in and were given a sheet of rules listing all the offenses that would cause us to be required to leave.  A little over-the-top, but since our camping buddies weren’t joining us, we figured we could restrain ourselves from causing too much of a ruckus!


Patrick’s Point State Park hugs the cliffs of Northern California, offering spectacular ocean views and a network of forested trails.  Had the weather been a little nicer, we may have spent more time exploring.  We did drive through the campground and the sites looked amazing.  Good incentive to reserve early for a return trip.

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6 thoughts on “Patrick’s Point Escape

  1. Jamey

    Hi, you two! Looks very quiet! Many views of the ocean! Is this leg 1 of a longer trip? Maybe heading to Chico?? 😊 Alex, Leslie and the boys are taking their trailer to the Mendocino area today for a little weekend trip. Trailering has proven to be a great option for “ getting out of town” during our current @!|¥…§*&%# situation…hugs to you both!


    • This was our first trip this year, just 4 nights. We have Oregon Coast trip in August. Still feels a little weird (almost unlawful) to be going anywhere, although the trailer does offer a certain amount of security/safety. Missing you and all our friends 💕


  2. Malcolm & Barbara.

    Hi Reg & Sue. So you are on your travels again, even in these strange covid times. Is California’s North Coast anywhere Highway One ? I always fancied cruising down Highway One on a Harley, (dream on you will say). Anyway great to hear of your adventures again,


    • Hi Barbara and Malcolm, yes, we were on the California Coast on a short trip in the redwoods. So far we have no restrictions on interstate travel and we feel pretty safe in the trailer. We saw plenty of motorcycle riders cruising the highway…it’s never too late to live your dream! 🙂


  3. cindalu voight

    You will cause a rush on this state park with those gorgeous photos!!!! Wyoming state parks eventually opened up to out-of-state folks, but everyone needs reservations. And I think they filled up immediately after the announcement was made! Glad you were able to get out and about. I get down to the ranch a couple times each week–with two dogs in tow–to water my garden there and keep up the grounds a bit. Never enough time to get all done that needs doing. But it is better than nothing. Rabbits LOVE the garden, especially the peas! Grrrrrr. HUGS and “elbow bumps” from Wyoming! L&A

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