Smith Rock State Park – A Commanding Presence

We chose the Misery Ridge Loop Trail, opting to begin along the banks of Crooked River.

We packed our lunch with us, which turned out to be a good decision. Lots of water is also a must when temperatures soar.

Bursting from the high desert floor, Smith Rock State Park offers outdoor enthusiasts 650 acres of breathtaking recreational opportunities.

With its towering rock formations, Smith Rock, 25 miles north of Bend, Oregon, has become a popular destination for rock climbers of all abilities, attracting enthusiasts from around the world.

For those of you who, like us, prefer to keep both feet firmly planted on the ground, there are miles of hiking trails around and through the park.

Smith Rock State Park is another example of how volcanic activity shaped the Oregon landscape.

As we approached Monkey Face, our trail took a steep turn uphill...and the misery began.

Climbers are dwarfed as they climb towards the top of Monkey Face.

At an elevation of 3289 feet, we found a shady lunch spot at the summit of Misery Ridge Loop Trail.


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4 thoughts on “Smith Rock State Park – A Commanding Presence

  1. Nancy Hardwick

    Hey Sue & Reg, I did this same hike last month when I was in Sunriver for a week! It was grueling but short & definitely worth it! The views are magnificent. I have some of the exact same pics as you! So fun to see you exploring places I was just at, including Crater Lake & Lava Beds. Keep enjoying your new state! It’s a great place!


    • Reg and Sue

      It is a beautiful state. We had no idea how much there is to see in central and eastern Oregon.


  2. Jamey

    Wow! Looks like a beautiful day for the Spittles!!
    So, was that the two of you on the face of Monkey Rock??!😊


    • Reg and Sue

      Haha…right. We set up the tripod and took that awesome selfie!
      You and I need a Chico weekend this fall…


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