2 Euros Buy Gondola Memory!




No trip to Venice is complete without a ride in one of the city's romantic gondolas. While cruising a fascinating maze of waterways, you'll create rich memories of your day in this beautiful and historic region. However, an investment in a gondola ride will leave your pocketbook in a very poor state…and because we do have a budget of sorts, we decided that a photo would make us just as happy.

With a 10 Euro bill in hand, Reg approached a young gondolier offering him a good old American bribe. He promptly, but politely turned us down, although he did direct us to Campo San Sophia where we could “take the gondola across the canal for just 2 Euro.” The ride takes all of 45 seconds, so make sure you are posed and ready when the gondolier pushes off…


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10 thoughts on “2 Euros Buy Gondola Memory!

  1. Leah

    You guys are so adorable! I love that your gondolier is wearing earbuds 😀


  2. Malcolm & Barbara.

    2 Euro. Great. Is that your Scottishness coming out ????


  3. Bonnie Little

    Love it! Wish we’d thought of that idea!

    Continued safe travels, Bonnie and Mike


  4. Kathy Chappell

    It all sounds so much fun but wouldn’t you rather be doing report cards like we are! We love hearing about everything.


  5. Katy and Malcolm

    What a wonderful memory making experience!


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