Coming soon to Amazon

Camino Sunrise: Walking With My Shadows

A memoir and Camino de Santiago adventure by Reginald Spittle

Illustrated by Sue Spittle


Illustration: Sue Spittle

They call it a pilgrimage, but for Reginald Spittle the 500-mile Camino de Santiago was the test of a lifetime.

A professional journalist and a gifted educator, Reg projected an air of confidence to those who thought they knew him. Recently retired, Reg’s new life of leisure included morning coffee on the front porch, bike rides and day hikes in nearby Yosemite National Park, followed by an evening glass of wine (or two) next to his backyard pool. However, painful childhood memories filled with relentless teasing, insecurity, and loneliness cast shadows on his adult life, undermining feelings of self-worth, trust, and friendship.

Tragedy brought him to reluctantly accept his wife’s challenge to carry his red backpack across Spain on a trail traveled by millions for centuries.

Self-reflection, humor and a recurring cast of characters create the backdrop for Camino Sunrise — Walking With My Shadows. Join Reg as he sets out with anxieties about the lack of privacy in communal dorms and about competition from younger, experienced backpackers. But his journey would also lead him to places far removed from daily Camino life. As each new day reveals lessons in camaraderie, acceptance, and hope, Reg is forced to confront disturbing emotional shadows from his past.

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60 thoughts on “Coming soon to Amazon

  1. Ellen

    Wow .. powerful opening. Can’t wait to read it!


  2. Silva

    Let us know when we can purchase!1


  3. YES .. that was fast ..great drawing Sue..we immidiatly recognized Reg


  4. Jackie Bachman

    This sounds awesome!

    Sent from my iPad



  5. Jeannie Harsha

    I am so sorry excited to read this! Good on you Reg and Sue 😘 I taught a college class last year based on The Artist Way book and am reading Big Magic right now. Both tout being brave, honest, and playful in our writing- or whatever creative endeavor calls us.

    Not only am I excited to read more details of your Camino trip but I feel this has been a great working out for you. Good on you!!!


  6. Carole & Beaton

    Knew you should could and would write a book – cannot wait to read it! Well done to you both! C & B x


  7. Malcolm & Barbara

    Great picture. Look forward to the stories.


  8. Teri Matteson

    I can’t wait to buy a copy! 🙂 Congratulations on the book, illustrations, and all the work that went in to all of it!!!

    Love, Teri



    • I will let you know the moment it is out, Teri. It has been quite a journey.
      I hope school has started well and that your mom is on the mend.


    • Lan Roberts

      Congratulations Reg and Sue. We can’t hardly wait to read your memoir and see more of sue’s Illustrations.
      Love and best wishes with your new book.
      Lan and Jeff


  9. Jeff Roberts

    Sounds very interesting and the illustration is well done. Looking forward to the book.


  10. Lori Oliver-Tierney

    I am so excited to purchase and read this. It is right up my alley. So proud of the two of you and the journeys you have taken in retirement. Happy trails, Lori


  11. Reblogged this on carryoncouple.


  12. Cathy Owens

    Reg and Sue, we sure are looking forward to reading your memoir of your personal journeys and adventures! Cathy and Greg


  13. Judy Van Norman

    One of the Camino’s gifts was getting to meet Reg and Sue. Can not wait to read your book.


  14. Pingback: Coming soon to Amazon — carryoncouple – Photos from Sue

  15. Stella Rodriguez Abbott

    Would definitely be interested in findyiut when it’s published


  16. Carolyn Shupe

    I’m so proud of you. What you have done took a great deal of courage and you did it well. I can hardly wait for your book. Stay calm and know you are loved and respected for your strength and determination. Caroyn


  17. I will keep your words close to my heart, Carolyn. Thank you!


  18. Sue and Andy Bateman

    Dear Reg and Sue
    We are really pleased to hear from you .How exciting for you both ! We’re looking forward to reading this Reg and admiring your art work Sue .


  19. geoffrey Mr

    So looking forward to reliving the camino through your words. What an adventure it was.


  20. Sharon Enrico

    Hi you two, I was impressed with your adventure but even more impressed with a book! Can’t wait to read it!


  21. I love what I’ve read so far and can’t wait for more!! Congratulations Reg and Sue for shining a light on what overcoming looks like. Love the illustrations and the illustrator:). Sincerely, Teresa Prewitt


  22. Jamey Myers

    Wow!!! Many miles ! Thousands of words!! Congratulations, Reg!! Sue, the illustrations will be wonderful! So glad that you included one here!!!!


  23. Verna Davis

    I can’t wait to read your book. It sure would be nice to share the trail again with you two one day. It is amazing to hear all the different stories of how the Camino affected lives. Another friend we met on the second part of our Camino from Leon to Santiago has also written a book, “Walking Back Home: Finding Clarity on the Camino” by Margaret Caffyn. Maggie lives in Australia and I am going to recommend your book to her to share with her Camino group. Thinking of you! Verna


    • Hi Verna, Thanks so much for your note. It would be fun to share a trail again someday. I added your friend’s book to my Kindle list. May I use the first part of your comment to promote the book?


  24. Reg and Sue , Lynne and I are excited about your new book. The adventures that have been posted are just a taste and to have it in book form will be a great read . A must read I am sure!! Joe and Lynne


  25. Thanks so much, Joe. I am quite nervous and excited. The online response the past few days has been heartening. Sue and I are massaging it a bit more before we hit “publish.”


  26. Collette LaRocque

    I am so excited to hear about your book Reg! Hope you both are well. Love, Collette


    • I loved hearing from you, Collette! I appreciate your encouragement. We are both doing well. We must try to meet up sometime this fall. Hugs to you and the kids!


  27. Veronica Mendez de Cuevas

    Wow! so happy for you two. You were truly a gifted educator, Mr. Spittle. I feel so blessed I was able to take political science with you. One of my best classes ever. Can’t wait to read your book!


  28. Kathy Chappell

    Very very excited to read your book! So many accomplishments throughout your life and now you are an author! Congratulations!


  29. Jim Druley

    We miss you around here, Reg. Looking forward to reading about your experiences on the pilgrimage, and to hearing how you worked through your difficult memories, thoughts, and feelings. Looking forward to enjoying Sue’s illustrations throughout, too. The sooner your book comes out, the better!


    • Hi Jim,
      It is great to hear from you. I miss our talks…you are a great friend! I will let you know when the book is out.
      Meanwhile, all my best.
      Your friend always,


  30. Nancy Hardwick

    I can’t wait to read your book!


  31. Jamey Myers

    To be able to say, “Finished!”. So amazed by both of the Spittles!! Looking forward to this book!

    Liked by 1 person

  32. Bonnie

    What a beautiful collaborative effort, with Sue’s artwork to go along with the writing. I am looking forward to reading this!


  33. I am publishing through Amazon KDP…I am sending you an email about it.


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