South West Coast Path: Wind and Weather Continue

The incoming tide put on quite a show in the Portreath Harbor yesterday evening.

Our days have been a wild mix of gusty winds and drenching rain showers. Unfortunately, blustery conditions have kept us off the trail. Evenings, on the other hand, have been fairly calm and quiet.

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6 thoughts on “South West Coast Path: Wind and Weather Continue

  1. Malcolm Robertson

    I have been watching the weather (not the best) and wondering how you were getting on with it South West. Hang in there.

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    • Weather has been far from perfect. We hope to get more walking in before the end. We sure appreciate the great weather we had early on. However, whether walking or bussing, we’re still in Cornwall, and it’s beautiful!


  2. Jackie Bachman

    Hurricane Lorenzo is the strongest hurricane ever in the Eastern Atlantic! So glad you were able to do most of the trek!

    Jackie Bachman Board Member, Community Relations OHRA (760) 889-5122


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