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Very tall, very old things

On our way to the Boy Scout Tree in California’s Jedediah Smith State Park today, our camera found several other old, tall living things along the trail, including a former Scout!

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Tall ships, tall trees grace northern California’s coast

Tall ships make a stop in the Eureka harbor.

A young sailor tells Sue about his ship.


Our visit to Eureka, California, coincided with the arrival of tall ships Lady Washington, above left, and the Hawaiian Chieftan.

The Lady Washington, as HMS Interceptor, was featured in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

The ships offer educational tours and voyages as they travel up and down the Pacific Coast.

The company offers two-week internships aboard the ships. We were tempted for a moment or two.

The view from the town of Trinidad in northern Humboldt County.

These three coastal redwoods may appear to be one tree in a few hundred years. The world's tallest tree resides nearby.


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Huge tree limb crashes coffee time

I was making coffee early Wednesday as 70-plus-an-hour winds howled outside. There was a deafening crack and crash as the building shook. What was that? Sue and I wondered.

We went out on the back deck and could see part of a tree-sized limb from a coastal redwood that had landed on our neighbor's and our roofs.

Our neighbor's home took most of the damage, but we had a four-foot gash in our roof. Our resident manager and a tree expert had the roofs cleared and patched by noon, just in time for heavy rain. Permanent repairs will come soon.

The irony was not lost on us. We lived in a rural forest area near Yosemite for 24 years and never had any damage from falling trees. Over the years, we had several huge bull pines taken down because we feared they could drop branches or more on our house.

So, we moved to Ashland for the carefree city life!


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Glamping in Denmark

Saturday we left the city life behind to spend several days a short drive north of Copenhagen. Gitta had promised us a very different Danish experience at the home her family has summered in since 1935. We knew it was a special place because when she talked about it her eyes lit up and she couldn't keep a smile off her face. We also knew the cabin remained (mostly) true to the era in which it was built. Reg and I weren't too clear about whether we'd have electricity, a hot shower or even a flush toilet…but travel is about experiencing life, so we packed a small bag and put our trust in our friends.

The main house has two bunk rooms, a living/eating area, a kitchen with cold running water and (we were happy to find) a flush toilet room. There are also two outbuildings that serve as bunk rooms, so the property can host quite a crowd. The shower house is the only source of hot water, but boy is it hot! It is there that James, the official dish washer, (he likes the job and one has to be quick to beat him to it!) washed dishes and we all took turns showering.

The main cabin sits in the center of a a grassy expanse. The shower room sits along the perimeter. Reg guards the BBQ and we enjoy an all American meal of burgers and fries. A combination eating/reading/sleeping nook inside the main cabin.

Gray skies and rain showers drifted away Monday, leaving us beautifully warm weather. The endless blue of the skies and water pulled us away from the green, woodsy feel of the cabin for a morning wander down by the harbor. Today is the end of a three-day holiday weekend in Denmark and families were out in force, on foot and bicycle, enjoying the last bit of surf, sand and sun.

Families hunt for crabs through cutout spots on the boardwalk. Gitta finds a peaceful meditation spot. A rocky pathway leads to the shoreline.



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Avenue of the Giants

We found the most charming place to stay while visiting with friends in Southern Humboldt County.

In the past we've camped while visiting Southern Humboldt. When we woke up to rain this morning, we were glad to have a roof over our heads!

Miranda Gardens, located along California's beautiful Avenue of the Giants highway, offers something for everyone. There is a pool for hot Southern Humboldt summers, a playground for cooped up kids, soaring redwoods for relaxed afternoons, a continental breakfast featuring a simple but delicious array of breakfast foods…all this and more is available to you while enjoying the comfort of your own cozy cottage.

We stayed in a studio cottage that provided us with plenty of room to spread out. We had a wardrobe to hang our clothes, two comfy chairs, a fridge and coffee maker and a private patio complete with table and chairs to relax and breath in the fresh forest air. There are also larger cottages with bedrooms and kitchens for families or extended stays.

The Avenue Cafe, right across the street, is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We gave it a try tonight and were both happy with our pasta choices.


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