Paris: A city that embraces the love of food

Our great friend Carolyn in Santa Barbara, California, requested some food photos, so walked across the Seine to the Saint Michel/Left Bank area this Saturday night. This area of Paris is changing, becoming more oriented to the tourist with three-course discounted offerings with sales pitches at every turn. Lots and lots of pizza. It remind us a bit of the big plazas in Rome.

The crepes were tempting.

Sue wanted quiche, but we could not find a place that served it. Go figure! But, our patience paid off after more than an hour of walking. We found a fantastic Thai place and the server and food were perfect. Très bien!

It was tough to resist the escargot.

Parts of the Left Bank are mazes of narrow streets filled with cafes.

The cheese selection...magnifique!

Next time you are in Paris, we highly recommend Khao Thai! This beef dish was spicy hot.


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4 thoughts on “Paris: A city that embraces the love of food

  1. Carolyn Shupe

    Thanks for the food pictures.I will pretend I am there so please order me whatever you are having.


  2. Reg and Sue

    Will do, with a nice glass of vin!


  3. Sounds like a great time. When do you hit the trail? We have other friends who may be on your walking schedule.

    Quiche! In our experience- pick some up at any Patissiere or Boulanger,


    • Reg and Sue

      Hi Pat, we start walking next week. We arrived in Strasbourg today and have a funky little apartment in the heart of the historic center for the next week. I finally found my quiche last night so I can check that off my must do list!


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